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    Now offering delivery to Brooklyn, Five Towns, Monsey and Passaic, including on Fridays. *24-hour notice required Email, whatsapp or call in your order today!

    Meals that offer sustenance, solace, and support.

    When families experience loss, the thoughtful gestures of friends and family give them sparks of strength to face their new reality. Count on Green Bowl to deliver the perfect Shiva food for someone who needs it.

    What to send for Shiva?

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    Brunch / Dinner

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    Shiva Platters

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    Shiva Gifts

    Just what
    they need.

    When you’re looking for a meaningful way to reach out, a Green Bowl Shiva basket delivery does just that, plus more. Available as individual or family-style servings, the grieving family will appreciate wholesome meals that fuel them with warmth and nutrition through the draining days


    When it comes to showing support,
    you want to do it right.

    Let Green Bowl do the talking for you.