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    For the best Chanuka party ever.

    When it comes to marking special moments,
    Green Bowl does all the talking for you. 

    For that special occasion
    Or just because.

    When it comes to marking special moments,
    Green Bowl does all the talking for you. 

    - Our Collection -

    Make your next occasion
    a Green Bowl sensation.

    Breakfast & Brunch

    Choose from an assortment of refreshing options, promptly delivered to start the day off right. Salad arrays, bagel boxes and smoothie selections - there’s nothing like a gourmet breakfast to make someone’s morning.


    Show your appreciation or mark an occasion with a gourmet salad, fruit platter, smoothie, or trifle presentation. Whatever you pick is sure to be gratefully enjoyed on the morning of a simcha, by a new Mommy or as a coporate gift.


    Delight your guests and upgrade your menu with eye-catching platters and a variety of hot dishes. Whether a Melava Malka, Bas Mitzva, Shalosh Seudos or any other occasion, large or small, Green Bowl caters to your crowd and offers waitering services, too.


    Simplify meetings and boost company culture with tasty spreads that come together effortlessly. For a small office function or high end corporate event, Green Bowl is your go-to place.

    - About us

    Carefully crafted. Perfectly presented.

    Over the last decade, we’ve curated a unique menu that combines only the freshest, quality ingredients in a striking presentation that always makes a statement. Our signature line of gourmet salads and dishes enhances events and delights recipients, time after time.

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    What our clients have to say

    Always Fresh.
    Receive delectable dishes made from the freshest ingredients by a team that’s hard at work as soon as day breaks.
    Always Appreciated.
    Feel gratified by sending a gift that can be savored anytime, even by hard-to-please, diet-conscious friends.
    Always Beautiful.
    See how artistic arrangement and innovative packaging elevate your order from simply tasty to memorably delivered.
    Always Remembered.
    Quit the conventional chocolate and candy by choosing something unique to mark that special occasion.
    - fresh & wholesome -

    Add a little magic to any moment.
    Send something special from Green Bowl.

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